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Market entry feasibility study
Distributor - Agent search
Acquisitions - Joint Ventures
Brief consulting services
Other business support services
Importance of Qualified Contacts

Market entry feasibility study

Market entry feasibility study is an overview of the targeted market(s). We will provide the most current information that normally includes: estimated size of the market, main competitors, market trends and news, our recommendations and other related information under your specifications.
The final report includes all necessary data, our comments and recommendations for further action. The report is a practical tool for making right decision about entering to market.


Depending on the client’s specific needs, we provide the followings sourcing services: Locate unique local products available for distribution in foreign markets, Product research, qualifying and development, Sourcing agents and distributors, Investigate supply sources for best conditions producer, arrangement meetings with suppliers or purchasers, support in Negotiations.

Distributor - Agent Search

One of the most important factors beyond having good products at acceptable prices that meet a market need is finding the right partner(s) in the selected country.
EEMarkets consultants have experience from identifying and starting up distribution channels in various countries worldwide.
This service includes partner selection, introduction, assistance in negotiations, legal advice and anything else that helps our clients achieve their objectives in the target market.

Acquisitions - Joint Ventures

Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures can be high-risk undertakings, but success provides impressive pay-offs. Our team will help you successfully reach your goals.
We will function as your intermediary, reporting on key aspects from a candidate company to yours, while scrupulously adhering to the terms of each requirement regarding protected details including trade secrets and intellectual property.
Reported aspects include business, intellectual property, financial, legal, technology, product, policy and staffing issues, benefits and liabilities, plus our observations and recommendations. We give our clients sound decision-making knowledge to evaluate the suitability of a particular merger or acquisition within the framework of their organization's needs and objectives.

Brief consulting services

With our experience in both large and long-term projects, we believe that in certain cases large and very comprehensive reports that take weeks of work are not necessarily what the client needs. Therefore, we are ready to provide these services:

• preliminary in-person meetings to discuss your business' needs
• general background information
• brief insight and data regarding site selection and logistics aspects
• general guidance on tax regulations, labor issues and permit procedures
• Introductions to a variety of Dutch networks and service suppliers, to government authorities and to others of relevance to the investment process
• Arrangement in-field trips in the target market
• Matchmaking assistance on the selected criteria for foreign companies

Other business support services

Besides of the direct market entry services, we will assure:

• Legal services
• Translation services

Importance of Qualified Contacts

In the international business, it can take weeks, even months, to reach the right contact. That's time that could be spent on other business developments. Entrust us finding qualified contacts that may become your reliable partner or can provide the local knowledge you need.

Our contacts include:
• Potential buyers, partners and suppliers
• Professionals in financial and legal institutions, private and public
• Technology sources
• Agents
• Foreign regulatory authorities
• Foreign investment promotion agencies

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